PS4 replacement paddles for Dual Shock controllers

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PS4 replacement paddles for Dual Shock controllers.

-Compatible With for PS4 Wireless Controller.

-Brand New Quality.

-Customized personalized button configuration.


-Different companies adapt to various games.



Programming function settings:

1. Long press the SET button for 2 seconds, ╳ the corresponding LED flashes quickly (4HZ), then short press the M1 or M2 button, the LED lights will flash slowly on the screen of the corresponding function (lighting sequence is ╳, ○, △, □ , R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1).
2. Then press the SET button, the corresponding function will be mapped to M1/2; for example: when entering the programming mode, press the M1 button to display the LED on R1, and then press the SET button, the LED on R1 Turns to long light, M1 function is R1; when programming M2, it is similar to the above. 10 LEDs are used as key function indicators to indicate the function of the programming keys, and up to 2 LED lights are displayed.
Programming button memory function:
1. Insert the back key extender into the handle, if M1/2 has no function, LED1 flashes slowly (2HZ) for 3 seconds and then goes out, long press the SET button to enter the programming mode and then LED1 flashes quickly.
2. If M1/2 has memorized the last programming function, the corresponding LED will be on. The previous programming function is saved when the power is turned off; the previous programming function is still retained when the handle is inserted again, and the factory default has no programming function.
Turbo function settings:
1. Press and hold the function button and Turbo button at the same time, the function button has Turbo burst function;
2. Press the above key combination again to cancel the Turbo function of the key. If the Turbo function is set, after pressing the button, the LED corresponding to the function flashes quickly (4HZ).
 Cancel function:
-Long press the SET button for 5 seconds, the programming indicator LED changes from fast flashing to off, and the M1/2 function is cleared. At this time, the button has no programming function.
-If you want to use the product on other hosts, (such as video ,the product work with Nintendo switch console, you need to connect a converter), the converter is purchased separately, not included in it.
-This link sells paddles for ps4 controller, the package only contains paddles, not others.

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